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So, we crack on with a bit of news from the Doro camp:

Doro Pesch of Warlock has revealed the album artwork as well as the track list for her upcoming live masterpiece ’Triumph And Agony Live‘, which will be released on September 24, 2021

The artwork centres on Geoffrey Gillespie’s famous original drawing of the “Warlock” embracing the blonde rock star.

Doro says: “The cover and the whole artwork including booklet and inlay are a combination of live shots and the amazing iconic Warlock paintings of my favourite artist, Geoffrey Gillespie, who did all the classic Doro / Warlock artworks. It worked out great. I am so happy with it.“

DORO will celebrate the 35th anniversary of her hit album ’Triumph And Agony‘ with the release of the spectacular live album ’Triumph And Agony Live‘.

The highly anticipated work will be released in many different configurations on CD, vinyl, cassette, Blu-ray as well as in an exclusive, strictly limited fan box!

The track list includes all ten songs from the 1987 album, but in a different order than originally released.

“Triumph And Agony Live“ – Tracklist (CD, Cassette, Download)

Legacy (Intro)

Touch Of Evil

I Rule The Ruins

East Meets West

Three Minute Warning

Kiss Of Death

Für Immer

Cold, Cold World

Make Time For Love

Metal Tango

All We Are

Although I will include news in the newsletter each week, I’ll not turn this into a news only affair… because I’ve been there once before and it just takes over completely (your time and your life in general)… so if you want up-to-date Metal news, I suggest checking in with my friends at Abaddon Magazine for a daily fix. You can find them at: http://www.abaddon-magazine.com/

One thing I will include here are videos… I cannot include them in the Headshot Music Digital Magazine, as that option is about 50 Euros a month… so here’s a couple for you

Last October, Armored Saint released their eighth full-length, Punching The Sky, via Metal Blade Records. The band have launched a new video for the album track, “Lone Wolf”. Directed by Robert Graves // ashadowbeyond.com (who also produced the videos for Armored Saint’s “End of the Attention Span” and “Missile to Gun”), “Lone Wolf” can be seen at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7A9lUMi5Rks

Belgian industrial band CONTROVERSIAL has just dropped the visualizer for their song, “Violence”.  The track appears on CONTROVERSIAL’s most recent Cleopatra Records release, Second Genesis.

The song, “Violence” is based on a documentary from the 1990s about human violence.

As far as motivation is concerned, CONTROVERSIAL deals with the darker side of humanity. Violence is of course up there and we refer also to war as the culmination of violence. We do it from the position of a spectator outside of humanity.

The original video was banned by Youtube, even though being flagged as 18+. The original video is still available on https://www.controversial.eu

There will be a new edition of the Headshot Music Digital Magazine out this coming Friday, July 9th. It’ll be stacked full of reviews, as I’m so far behind… if you missed the last issue, you can view it via the links below:

Headshot Music Issue 26:  Industrial – Metal – Electronic – Alternative

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You can also download the mag via Calameo, but you need to sign into their site to do it

But you can still download without having to sign in via Drop Box

There are interviews with the likes of Moonspell, Mat Sargent and Metatron from The Meads of Asphodel + a few reviews

Blair Scott of Synthentral lists his 5 electronic releases of the week to check out in the mag… and I’ll also include them here each week. Here are last weeks suggestions:

The five synth-heavy releases from the week of 6/22-6/28 that you should be listening to (in alphabetical order):

Clan Of Xymox – Big Brother (Maxi-Single)

 – Purchase: clanofxymox.bandcamp.com

 – Facebook: facebook.com/clanofxymox.official

The Frixion – To Hell And Back (LP)

 – Pruchase: thefrixion.bandcamp.com

 – Facebook: facebook.com/TheFrixion

Laura Krieg – Vie Magique (EP)

 – Purchase: laurakrieg.bandcamp.com

 – Facebook: facebook.com/krieg.laura

Outpost 11 – Structural Defects (LP)

 – Purchase: outpost11.bandcamp.com

 – Facebook: facebook.com/outpost11band

The Sere – Finite (EP)

 – Purchase: thesere.bandcamp.com

 – Facebook: facebook.com/theseremusic

And you can check out his shows each week via: https://www.facebook.com/synthentral/

Keeping things on the electronic side, the latest single by The Saint Paul entitled Superficial, is out via Infacted Recordings. You can buy it here: https://infactedrecordings.bandcamp.com/album/superficial

And view the video here:

I will include an exclusive interview each week via the newsletter, and I’ll start conducting them this week… so it’ll probably take a few weeks for the first one to appear. I’ll also add various finds from Bandcamp, new bands, new releases etc…

We’ll end things this week with a couple of lyric videos:

Virgin Land Plowed Over by Death”, the first single from the upcoming ‘Achrony’ album of Ukrainian satanic black metal band Elderblood, was released together with the lyric video. The song as well the video follows the main album ideas and reveals the dark stories of religious obscurantism, ideologies, and sects of different times.

Single: https://band.link/bPYt7

Lyric video: https://youtu.be/4fvDNco4UtU

«The main line of the song refers to the old ritual of “death plowing”. In the Russian Christian villages, it often turned into a bloody procession, which killed everything that met on its way. The song also mentions such sects as khlysty and skoptsy and other manifestations of religious obscurantism»

The third full-length album of Elderblood will be released on July, 9th via Drakkar Productions and independently in digital format.

The new album of Polish death metallers from CATHARSIS was released on June 25th via Mad Lion Records. The band have released lyric video for ‘Made Of Blood’; you can watch it here:

The new LP “Human Failures” proves the band’s technical inspirations, but also presents the exploration of the new territory, leading CATHARSIS towards more brutal and heavier death metal sound with a touch of black metal. „Human Failures” is a visible step forward in the band’s musical journey and undoubtedly the darkest chapter of it.

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